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December 28, 2020

TABBY is your conscious drawn with stencil

Writing something about TABBY is a very demanding task, because it is so hard to contain his vibrant personality in words, to confine his amazing spirit within sentences. He is enigmatic, an artistic genius, with humor that cuts like a surgeon knife, an urban chameleon (literally and metaphorically - you really have to check out his outfits in his website), a down to earth artist without any sign of megalomania, a true believer of a better world that can and should evolve from this one. And just to give you a hint of his altruistic character, when I asked him to send me some pictures to post in our magazine, he just told me to pick whichever I wanted from his web page, cause as he stated, “he would be much more interested in seeing which pieces I select”. Dear God, if this isn’t a noble, unselfish respond, what is?

So, without keeping you more in agony, my dear readers, I am so honored and proud to present you my interview with TABBY. Hope you enjoy !

Sound of Uzis ©TABBY

Favorite medium: Wall or Canvas?

A wall will always be something special and I'll save most work for when the right wall comes along. But canvas is also very nice because you can put more time and detail into it than you might be able to outdoors.

Angel of death ©TABBY

Would you rather draw something illegal on the top of Eiffel tower or paint a huge canvas in a famous gallery?

I wouldn't want to damage an iconic monument like the Eiffel tower. The only outdoor spaces I use are ones where nobody would really mind them being painted. In that case I'll go with the gallery.

Everybody need somebody ©TABBY

The World needs more...?

Fun. People are more bored than ever and nobody knows what to do with their free time.

Dali’s Masterpiece (Salvador TABI) ©TABBY

The World can do with less of...?

Working against each other. We all have similar goals and if we could work together instead of against of each other then we'd be able to do a lot more.

"Untitled" (Space Keys) ©TABBY

When I grow old (er) , I would like to be remembered as...

Doesn't matter what for, its enough to be remembered.

Heart attack ©TABBY

If I wasn't an artist I would like to...

Bring New Haven style pizza to europe

Tabby Road ©TABBY

Your last artwork. What would it be. Why?

Some of my cells in a container where they can continue to multiply so that I can say I live forever.

Not again ©TABBY

So, these were our questions! Would you like to add something else?

Not really, I'm good. I wish I had some pizza right now.

In case you want to learn more about TABBY, you can check him out here:

TABBY's web Page

TABBY's instagram

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