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April 22, 2021

RUN - Redefining Iranian Art

All of us here in Magnaze magazine have always been fascinated by the Iranian Architecture and Art in general. It is truly impossible for anyone not to be hypnotised by looking the Azadi Tower, the Golestan Palace, the Shah Cheragh and the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque to name a few of the truly remarkable Iranian wonders.

It was just a matter of time till I found an Iranian artist for my next article, and I am so proud to present to you RUN, a very talented female artist whose works really caught my attention. Her artworks are truly astounding, the choices of her themes, the colours she uses, all mix up perfectly and give a new breath, a new meaning.

As a street artist, RUN has painted many concrete walls and, in this way, contributed to more colourful cities and more happy residents I might add. But she also paints skateboard decks, which after she finishes with them are so beautiful, that in my opinion should be hung on a wall and be admired, rather than getting scratches from the unforgiving rails and streets.

Truly an amazing, courageous artist and an inspiration to many, RUN has agreed to give us an interview. We thank her deeply for that and we are sure you are going to enjoy this interview as much as we did.

Untitled ©RUN

Hello RUN, please tell us some things about yourself!

Hello, I am a female street artist and muralist from Iran since 2012, and I’ve been skateboarding since 2009 and I’ve been doing digital painting since 2010 and I painted with different materials all my life, but I love spray paint themost!

Where is your favourite place in Tehran to paint?

I don’t really have a favourite place to paint in Tehran I rather attach wheatpaste in the middle of the city! But there is a place, it’s kind of a free wall in Ekbatan which I used to paint back in 2012 to 2014 and got arrested too, but I like those walls have some fun memories!

We are lucky ©RUN

Flower shower and Afro flower are two of your artworks and we really love them. Care to comment on what these drawings represent to you?

I’ve painted them during covid lockdown and the butterfly as a mask is a sign of hope and flowers are love and peace, they were the first artworks where I started to show more of humans and nature, which is so important to have connection to be in peace and love with nature! We all started to wear mask during covid but so many of us didn’t have enough hope for life and pandemic took many lives or put pressure on everyone’s life around the world!

What is your ultimate goal / dream?

I want to be able to join more festivals, I want to travel and paint and meet new people and artists also I love helping people, I would love to be rich enough to make hospitals and schools or donate or make jobs for the people in need! (Editors Note: Couldn't agree more to helping people in need)

Broken ©RUN

Some fastquestions now, please answer with as few words as possible

- Spray or brush?

Spray can

- Painting or skateboarding?



- Rooftops or abandoned places?


Abandoned places

- I am especially proud of...


Being the first girl of Iran to join festivals and first artist from Iran to join meeting of styles and make a living with art!

Untitled ©RUN

- I would like to see more of...


Beauty of the world

- Happiness is...


Being successful and peaceful and healthy and doing what I like!

- Walk or run the marathon?



- Skate trick I really want to do is…


360 flip or tre flip I land it with one foot T_T

- A place I would like to be allowed to do a huge mural is…


Japan and Australia

Untitled ©RUN

Any future plans? Exhibitions? Projects in progress?


I’ve been invited for a mural project in Thailand in 2021, and probably joining exhibition in Canary Islands but I’ve been thinking of doing an exhibition with deck paintings, because of pandemic I can’t make sure of much more!

Anything else you want to add?


To all the young artists never give up on your dreams it can be hard, but it does worth it!

Mural in Mumbai ©RUN
Waves ©RUN

Check more of RUN here:


Instagram: run.streetart

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