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December 18, 2020

Panpanpan - Ink is a great storyteller

Panpanpan - An artist whose ink drawings say so much more than the eyes can see

Somedays ago, I was surfing Instagram so as to find new talented artists and with great luck I bumped into an artist who really attracted my attention, not only because of her talent, but because all her drawings were really different from everything else I had seen before. Panpanpan is an artist that I am so pleased to introduce to you. If you read the following interview, you will understand that besides having a mastery in drawing with ink, Panpanpan is a very interesting personality with very interesting and uncommon stuff to talk about. For sure I would like to see more of her works and host her again in our magazine.

Without further ado, here is our interview and some of her remarkable works that she so kindly allowed us to present in our magazine. Hope you like it, enjoy!

Skeletons are associated with death, but what I personally feel looking at your remarkable artwork (x-rays) is something else, I get the feeling that you want to expose the hidden truth of things. What do you think? Is a skeleton something more than a structure which supports the body, does it have a different meaning for you?

I have a big interest in Bones and Anatomy, it’s pretty fascinating to find, see and compare all the similarities and differences in the anatomical structure of living beings.  I don't associate Skeletons with death per se, with my X-Ray Series it's more of an interesting and entertaining thought how or even if it's possible to put something real, natural like a skeleton, into fictional things.  You can see it as a way to connect fiction to reality maybe. Also, it's a connection of interests of my childhood and my present. In other work I really love using bones and skulls for aesthetic reasons, with my style of art it's pretty obvious that I like to spend a lot of time working on details, with skeletons and other parts of anatomy are full of.

Born in Echoes ©Panpanpan

The battle between Light and Darkness is probably one of the greatest, oldest battles that ever existed. It is a battle which has fascinated artists since the beginning of time. Which one do you think is winning – Light or Darkness? And what is the role of art in this or in any "battle" in general?

If Light or Darkness would win the fight, everything else will lose. Every Light needs Darkness to be seen and appreciated, and Darkness can't exist without Light. You can put this fight on all opposites, Loud and Silent, Warm and Cold, spiky and round and so on. They really much depend on each other; opposites attract, many say. It needs a lot of skill to use darkness to show light, or use light to make darkness, understanding those fights is so fundamental, I remember even learning about Light and Darkness in Art in my earliest School Days.  Art is a word that contains so many mediums and possibilities, art gives us ways to show and tell maybe everything. Only Light, or only Darkness can't show much, it's flat and monotone. But it's still important too, for the opposite to be seen and appreciated even more.
Showing those "battles", not showing them, dynamics and differences is making art more interesting, deeper or start new waves of inspiration.
But to stretch the thought of opposites attract, a question where I got myself stuck answering: If we need "bad" art to see "good" art, and if "bad" art even exists. And if not, can "good " art exist?
I have to leave this question open, maybe someone who reads this has a satisfying answer.

Inside Out ©Panpanpan

Many of your drawings have to do with wild animals. If you would have to pick an animal to depict Hope, which one would it be and why?

That's a tricky question, what even is Hope?
Looking around society, Hope is often equivalent with believing, and believing is equivalent to religion. Christianity is a big thing where I live, so the white pigeon is often depicted as a symbol of Hope.
But for me a white pigeon doesn't really work. I guess you can put Hope into many different contexts, the first thing that sparked in my head besides the "mainstream" symbols were some articles a few years ago about the Wolf coming back into my country, and maybe that's a symbolic happening that nature and their ecosystems are slowly regenerating and healing, so with the wolf coming back we can maybe "hope" that the world isn't lost yet.
Taking an animal that's depicting Hope for me personally is really hard, Hope is such an abstract thing that could mean everything and nothing at the same time.
I have a few Animals that I connect to positive emotions. One Example is that I had a necklace with a stag on it for many years. Sadly, I lost it. I connect that necklace to a time when everything was easier. It's not a direct depiction of Hope with an animal, but it's the closest I can think of.

Nocturnal Kiwi ©Panpanpan

It was great meeting you and I really hope to catch up again in the future. Is there anything else you would like to add? 

Thank you so much for inviting me for this interview, your unusual questions and patience. If anyone is interested in contacting me for any reason, the easiest way is via instagram or Email.




Thank you!

Tiger Waves ©Panpanpan

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