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April 10, 2021

MRKAS - Ambassador of Puzzlelism

M R K A S is a street artist who combines street art with puzzles, producing some of the most beautiful paintings we have seen in a while. But he isn't only a master in 3D paintings and optical illusions. He also wants to share some really important messages with his audience, to engage with them, to show them that it's not everything complicated as a puzzle; that if people put the time and the effort, all the missing parts of the life's puzzle will be found and many problems will be solved.

M R K A S was really kind enough to give us an interview and introduce us to his unique art , which he wants to define as Puzzlelism. We hope you enjoy this article and look at puzzles in a different way!

Hello M R K A S, tell us somethings about yourself

I am a Portuguese street artist based in Porto, a creative, warrior, dreamer.

Many of your murals are painted as if they were puzzles. Some of them are complete and in order, and in some others a piece is not put in place. Is there a hidden message behind this? And what does a puzzle actually mean to you? Is there a symbolism attached to it?

I like to call my style “puzzlelism” and I like to find the perfect puzzle form that matches better with a portrait and the form of the wall if it is horizontal or vertical. I like to create something more personal and unique.

If I had an opportunity I like to take a picture of the model by myself making the final result more personal.

I found in “puzzlelism” something different because I can give a different view of a normal portrait and I can play with lights, shadows, volumes, dimensions and perspectives. It‘s interesting because this is something related with 3D graffiti letters that I was painting twenty years ago.

Another interesting point is that the viewer doesn’t need to have a full image to identify the person and I like to give the main focus on the eyes, but the most important thing is use street art as a message to help changing mentalities, points of view, ideas or just make a better day for someone and just inspire others.

Where do you find your inspiration? Does Barcelona and the creations of Gaudi have an effect on your designs?

My main inspiration is people. People and their feelings, their lives, their stories, their circumstances. I find inspiration everywhere around me.

What is your ultimate goal /dream?‍

I don’t have an ultimate dream. I  just want to continue working hard and be able to travel and express myself around the world.

Any future plans? Exhibitions? Projects in progress?

At the moment I am preparing my first solo show for 2021 or 2022 and a few upcoming projects in progress but I prefer to keep them to myself.

Anything else you want to add?

Thanks for reading and I hope this invisible war finishes soon. After that all of us look for our planet with different eyes and bring something positive for nature, health and human relations.

Check more of M R K A S here:

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