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February 6, 2021

Mr.Fro_man - Illustrator and Illuminator

The other day I was thinking to myself that I have an inclination towards street art, maybe because I used to experiment at a younger age with graffiti I suppose, thus this inclination felt natural. Since the beginning however, the scope of Magnaze magazine was and still is to feature exceptional designers from the whole artistic spectrum, and that’s why I decided that it was time to write an article about a talented illustrator this time. Please let me introduce you to Filip Robert aka Mr Fro_man!

Robert is according to my opinion a very gifted Illustrator, who has already raised the bar in the world of illustration. His works show his tremendous capabilities in design, the colors he uses really elevate his artworks and give such a good feeling to the viewer. Great details, careful combination of colors, themes taken from everyday life as well as influenced by space and science fiction. As Robert puts it, “I am an illustrator with a passion for the great outdoors and recreation. I am trying to remind people through my illustration to get out more and enjoy nature and be happy.” Well, we couldn’t agree more to that!

Hope you enjoy his remarkable work !

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Bicycle Girl in Landscape ©Robert Filip
eScooter ©Robert Filip
On the Balcony ©Robert Filip
Space Camper ©Robert Filip
Sunbathing on Rooftop ©Robert Filip

Follow Robert here:

Instagram : Mr. Fro_man

Facebook : Robert Filip Illustrations

Behance: Robert Filip Art