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December 5, 2020

INO wants to draw big murals. Large actually

Magnaze proudly presents INO, an artist whose art cannot easily be confined- Literally

INO is a Greek artist who isn’t intimidated by canvas size. His large-scale murals depict various social and political themes, canvas being the exterior of buildings all over the world. One might say that such big matters demand these large proportions and INO surely delivers strong messages with his black and white artworks and their accompanying characteristic blue stains. Blue definitely stands out, as if INO tries to let us know that a small hope will always slide through this suppressive scenery, these moments of despair.

Mural in Abu Dhabi, Yas Island, UAE

INO has participated in countless exhibitions and cultural projects, mainly in Europe, America and Middle East. Some of his works can be seen in well-established magazines such as Juxtapoz, the Guardian and New York Times. Moreover, INO has created art for National Geographic USA and Coca Cola Central & Southern Europe, as well as numerous well-known artists such as Dj Avicii.

Mural in Athens, Greece
Mural in Athens, Kerameikos
Mural in Fortaleza, Brasil
Mural in Ibiza, Spain
Mural in Kiev, Ukraine
Mural in Reykjavic, Iceland

We really do hope that INO continues to paint murals and create art with the same passion for years to come. It is important to let Art integrate with the urban scenery in such a beautiful way as INO succeeds in doing till now. At the same time, his works should be a reminder that Art can be something more than just pleasing the human senses; Art should help mankind by pointing out that there are some matters that demand our attention. The bigger the matter / problem is, the bigger the canvas should be, the bigger the attention it should attract.

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