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December 5, 2020

Daniel Cabiscol Giambrone - Simplicity is the key

Daniel Cabiscol Giambrone brings us with his design the freshness of Barcelona.

Daniel Cabiscol Giambrone is a multidisciplinary designer from Barcelona, Spain. In contrast to the famous Gaudí and his overwhelming designs, Daniel Cabiscol states that simplicity is the key and I just couldn’t agree more to that. However, simplicity is proven to be a very powerful tool only when it is used by creative minds, and this is something that Daniel Cabiscol knows how to do well. Very well actually. His designs attract immediate attention and deliver the message, without effort, without unnecessary details.

Cat Wars

Then there is something else as well in his design, something that we at Magnaze Magazine find extremely hard to resist to – Cats. Before you jump into false conclusions, read the interview he gave me. You will understand that besides a great designer, he is a such a great person as well.


Hello Daniel. Please tell us some things about yourself

I'm a graphic designer from Barcelona. I studied Industrial Design first and after graduating I decided to focus on graphic design. I have always been passionate about art and my main objective was to focus my professional work and my life on it. And I think I've done it!

In many of your works we see cats. Any reason why ? Is there a hidden appreciation for these remarkable animals?

Well, I love animals in general!! hahaha! That’s why I’m a vegetarian too! But the main reason is because I worked for 4 years with a company that was related to cats. It was a special company for me, full of nice people to learn from. We were a foundation that helped street cats to have a better life. In that period of time, I got to work on many projects (clothing, posters, social media …)

Full Metal Jacket

Melted, distorted pictures and imagery. But then again, some of your works contain pattern, geometry. What is your perception of our world / society? Are we living in fluid worlds where everything is possible, or do societies try to confine and control everything?

Society perceive reality differently, that doesn't mean that one is correct and the other is not. That is why I like to create distorted images where everyone can interpret or feel what they want. I think we live in a world that is fluid, changes very fast and art gives us the chance to make everything possible. It has the power to change minds, to create emotions, to communicate things.

I consider myself as a very versatile designer, I don't want to focus just in one style, I love trying new things, exploring new ways of communication, create patterns, create stuff to make people think...

Where do you find your inspiration? DoesBarcelona and the creations of Gaudi have an effect on your designs?

Barcelona is a fantastic place to live and such an inspiring city. You can go both to the mountains and to the sea. Sometimes when I'm not feeling inspired I just take a walk around the city and it's full of street art, sculptures, buildings that can make you think. Anything can help you.


What do you want to achieve with your design?

I just want the client to be happy with my work. That is the most satisfying feeling of the design. Make people happy with your creations. Make people think.

Any future plans? Exhibitions? Projects in progress?

Of course! I am developing my own online store to sell art prints, T-shirts ... I am very excited! I'm also looking forward to the launch of a clothing collection with a music label here in Barcelona. (T-shirts, patches, lanyards,…) Will be very powerful!

Some of Daniel's designs on an appartment wall

If you were given all the necessary tools and materials, what would you like to design or re-design?

That is very difficult! I would love to design the image of a football club! Emblem, clothing, social networks... It would be great to combine design with football! Also would be great to develop the image of my own city. And some day, create my own exhibition. It is just a dream at the moment! hahaha

I want to say thanks to the family of Magnaze Magazine and specially to Panagiotis for the trust. Hope someday after all Covid-19 situation ends, we can meet and have a nice beer together! 

We gladly accept the invitation Daniel !

All Pictures in this article : Copyright Daniel Cabiscol Giambrone

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